Printing plays a significant role in the U.S. and Worldwide economies. Despite the myths you may have heard,
print is big, print is green and print is here to stay.

This is a collection of facts and statistics about the U.S. and Worldwide printing industries. If you are a business
owner or marketer, print is an effective and important tool you should never forget. If you are part of the print
industry, share the wonderful world of print with the resouces and information in this campaign.

Now let's get started.
Print is the original disruptive technology and brought
knowledge to the masses. Today print is one of the largest
industries in the world. Print eclipses auto-manufacturing
and is more than 18X bigger than video games. While print
technology and applications are certainly transforming,
it is still growing every year worldwide.
There are a lot of interests competing for business'
marketing dollars today. As a result, the myth of print
not being environmentally friendly has been very well
promoted. The print industry, in fact, is not only
environmentally friendly but is one of the most sustainable
industries around. The industry makes tremendous
investments in applying renewable energy sources and
creating environmentally friendly supplies.
In the last decade, while the digital marketing
space has gotten noisier and considerably less
effective, print has enjoyed a renaissance of
increased conversion rates and marketing return
on investment. Customers actually appreciate
getting a nice postcard, well-designed catalog,
or personal thank you note in the mail today.
In only a few years many innovative companies
have built impressive businesses combining
the instant gratification of online with the
physical printed world. Some have even
discovered unique ways to harness the fleeting
concept of social media in print form. Now,
print companies ranging in size from your
favorite local copy shop to the multi-national
packaging manufacturer, are quickly moving
online. They are doing so at an increasing pace
to keep up with their customers' 24/7
expectations and to take advantage of the
extended reach the Internet brings.
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